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Why work with Ipply Global Companies for Cable Services:

Ipply Global Companies has created strategic partnerships with almost every Cable company in the U.S.  Charter, Comcast, Bright House Networks, Optimum Business, Optimum Lightpath and Time Warner Cable are just a few.  By working with Ipply Global Companies, as opposed to working directly with the cable company, you’ll get a neutral, highly invested partner who will:

  • Learn your business structure and goals up front
  • Understand your IT infrastructure and how it integrates with your cable needs
  • Determine the optimal solution for your business
  • Do the research to source the optimal solution & negotiate contracts
  • Implement and support the selected solution
  • Stay on to handle all customer service and escalations
  • 3% Lifetime Monthly Discount.

Choose us Get 3% Lifetime off your monthly bill for all your telecommunication needs.

Work on the go with Network Solutions


Cloud Connectivity

CloudLink provides direct network connectivity to over 50 cloud providers and over 150 cloud on-ramps globally. Whether you need multiple cloud connections or just one, we utilize our industry-leading fiber communications infrastructure across Dark Fiber, Wavelengths, Ethernet and IP Solutions, including pre-provisioned network connections up to 10Gbps, to deliver cloud connectivity solutions more flexibly, cost effectively, and with greater performance than traditional telecommunications providers and cloud exchanges.

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Dark Fiber

Secure and scalable with high-capacity bandwidth. You get fiber from us, then light it up with your own network components where you’ll be able to maintain direct operational control of your network, while leveraging our dense metro and long haul fiber network.

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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Suitable for businesses requiring a permanent, high-speed Internet connection, DIA delivers 100M-100G of bandwidth with on-demand scalability. It also helps maximize business efficiency with the combination of our reliable access technology, optical fiber network and proactive management practices, which include customer-administered, web-based service monitoring.

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We offer E-Line: Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint and E-LAN: Multipoint-to-Multipoint configurations, as well as an Ethernet Private Dedicated Network (E-PDN) – a completely private and fully managed solution with dedicated fiber and components. With FlexConnect, there’s no contract, no commitment and no termination fees, so you can easily modify ports and bandwidth to meet changing needs.

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FlexConnect is available at more than 300 locations, including major data centers, carrier hotels, and cloud destinations in the United States and Europe. Our partnerships with industry-leading providers allow delivery of turn-key solutions within 30 days.

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IP Transit

100G global IP backbone (ASN 6461) is engineered to deliver the reliability, security and performance your customers demand. Leverage extensive owned and operated network and our global partnerships. Our IP network provides direct connectivity to more than 200 IP PoPs and 1.1k data centers on geographically diverse waves spanning the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. Our peering arrangements combine with our global IP backbone and dense metro footprint to deliver high-bandwidth solutions with minimal hops and great performance.

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You can support high-bandwidth, real-time or near real-time applications with multiple classes of offerings and create prioritization schemes to handle some or all of your traffic. Our IP-VPN provides secure Layer 3 connectivity between your locations using private IP routing and leverages our QoS-enabled IP/MPLS network. We also maintain optimal security by uniquely identifying and separating customer VPNs from all other traffic.

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Live Video

Our core video network across the U.S. and UK provides direct access to a single solutions provider, a high degree of control, and connectivity to important destinations, gateways, on and off ramps, and major venues. Video exchange points reach important markets in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, London, New York, Portland and Washington, DC. With partnered owned long haul network and supporting infrastructure, you have access hundreds of ‘on-net’ venues including stadiums, production and conference centers, hotels and casinos – making our solution highly flexible and competitive.

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Reinvent your critical enterprise network infrastructure to improve your ability to respond rapidly to changing business needs. SD-WAN provides you with the flexibility to build and control an infrastructure that best serves your enterprise. SD-WAN securely extends your private IP-VPN to remote locations using an Internet connection while offering high availability and failover options for your network.

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SONET (synchronous optical network) service provides highly reliable, secure and dedicated connectivity for data, video and voice. We offer strong diversity options and routes that are unique from most carrier and ILEC networks.

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Spread Networks

Groundbreaking fiber route was designed to provide the lowest possible latency for high-frequency trading, hedge funds and global banks — where every millisecond matters. Spread’s flagship network also completes coast-to-coast low-latency lit routes and provides access points to key financial exchanges in North America, Europe and to Asia-Pacific and Latin America through our global reach partnerships. Financial institutions, content, media and cloud providers will all benefit from the focus on high-speed, reliable, diverse dark fiber and wavelength connectivity.

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we’re always on your wavelength. Our fiber-based Wavelength solution provides dedicated bandwidth to major data centers, carrier hotels and enterprise locations across our long-haul and metro networks. You get high capacity for bandwidth-intensive applications and predictable latency without deploying high capital upfront.

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Colocation & Cloud

Cloud Infrastructure

Today’s enterprise relies on multiple cloud solutions to operate their business successfully. We not only seamlessly integrate the full continuum of infrastructure and connectivity solutions, we manage your solution so you can focus on driving growth.

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Colocation Data Centers

Whether you have applications that need IaaS now or think you may need it in the future, hybrid cloud offers flexible terms to accommodate the design you need today and in the future. We offer location solutions in over 30 markets with a strong footprint in top and edge markets. Our carrier neutral connectivity accesses 70+ on the largest ISP’s in the word. With over 1 million critical square feet, we have a location near you and a solution to meet any colocation needs.

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Disaster Recovery

Before disaster strikes, plan ahead with Zayo Having a plan in place to keep your company running in the wake of an outage, technical failure or natural disaster is critical for every business. Whether you have contractual and regulatory obligations to meet, mission-critical operations or financial transactions to protect, Our suite of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions can help you achieve your business continuity goals.

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Object-Based Storage

Object-based Storage gives you petabytes of storage at a fraction of the price of traditional storage technologies. Available with no data ingress or egress fees.

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Private Cloud Infrastructure

Private Cloud Infrastructure lets you take advantage of the latest hardware and software technologies, best-of-breed platform solutions and expert operations talent in a truly enterprise-grade infrastructure solution. Every aspect of your private cloud infrastructure solution is customized to your specific performance needs. Quickly deploy and scale back your compute and storage resources as your IT infrastructure requirements change.

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See How You Can Save On The Leading Business Virtual Phone. Boost Productivity w/ a Phone System - Get a Quote Today. Enterprise Class Service. Award Winning. Easy Setup. 24/7 Support. Switching is Easy. No Activation Costs.

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The Cloud Infrastructure Solution

Protected private cloud infrastructure solutions to augment your hyper-scale cloud environment. Call 1-877-694-1840 to speak to an Expert
Delivers all the performance, capacity and speed you’ll ever need, and protects and archives your critical data with a scalable enterprise-class storage solution that you’ll never outgrow. Call 1-877-694-1840 to speak to an Expert
High-power bare metal solutions that are fully independent and assigned exclusively to your operations Call 1-877-694-1840 to speak to an Expert
Combines security expertise with latest firewall, threat management, anti-virus and operating system patching technologies – delivering the highest levels of data and infrastructure safety, availability and compliance. Call 1-877-694-1840 to speak to an Expert
(DRaaS) delivers business continuity options ranging from data protection/backups to storage and workload replication to geo-clustering – keeping your IT systems operating when the unexpected happens. Call 1-877-694-1840 to speak to an Expert
(Baas) helps you manage your data as a strategic asset, allowing you to free up IT resources and instead focus on business priorities. Call 1-877-694-1840 to speak to an Expert

Offerings in professional Colocation:

From single cabinets to complex suites, our data center facilities have flexible space and power options to meet your individual infrastructure needs. Call 1-877-694-1840 to speak to an Expert
We provide a full suite of connectivity offerings from intra-building to cross-country. With over 50 million route miles of fiber globally, We can offer extremely creative and cost-effective solutions like no one else. Call 1-877-694-1840 to speak to an Expert
Our highly trained and professional technical staff becomes an extension of your IT organization. Call 1-877-694-1840 to speak to an Expert
Whether you have applications that need IaaS now or think you may need it in the future, hybrid cloud offers flexible terms to accommodate the design you need today and in the future. Call 1-877-694-1840 to speak to an Expert


Cyber Security

Information security breaches are becoming increasingly sophisticated and growing in frequency, making it nearly impossible for your technology team to keep up with the number and nature of threats and possible intrusions into your business critical IT and communications infrastructure.

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DDoS Mitigation Solutions

DDoS mitigation minimizes the impact of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by providing protection that reroutes potential attack traffic to one or more “scrubbing centers.” By addressing attacks quickly, our DDoS Mitigation Solutions can reduce your downtime and the added cost of bandwidth-spikes commonly associated with DDoS attacks. Our solution makes use of network-based infrastructure, so there is no hardware or software required within your environment.

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Let us manage your infrastructure We’re living in an era where technology is evolving at a rapid pace. But even the highest quality IT infrastructure can’t manage itself – at least not to our high standards. That’s why we maintain a comprehensive range of managed solutions in addition to our nationwide, end-to-end Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. Supported with the best technology and unmatched infrastructure experts, our added support help assures the performance, security, scalability and continuity of your outsourced solution.

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Cable technology and infrastructure provides tremendous bandwidth-for-the-buck  Ipply Global Companies partner with the top cable companies in the U.S. and can offer your business the best cable solution, with the best service, at the most competitive prices.

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Whether to a stadium, a classroom or a multi-building enterprise, we bring this deep expertise to our Wireless LAN solution. We offer a complete range of enterprise wireless Access Points, controllers and software designed especially for high-density environments: Indoor, Outdoor, Security, Mesh and even APs to power the Internet of Things.

Wireless Enterprise

Stay up and running. No matter what. Every minute your network is down is a minute you can't connect with your colleagues, customers or partners.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Expert secure networking assistance from a trusted advisor.

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Bundled Services

When business cable services are bundled, companies save big money.  More importantly, cable service bundling allows businesses to reduce the complexity of their services and streamline network processes.  By bundling their phone, internet, Ethernet, and/or Cable TV services, companies often invest the cost savings back into the business via bandwidth upgrades or other value-added services.


Customized Cable Services Review

Are cable services the right solution for your business? To help you find out, we are now offering a complimentary Cable Services Infrastructure Review to baseline your current voice and data costs, and to design and provide an overview of the cost savings or the efficiency gains available to your company.

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