Marketing Asset Management Distribion

Marketing Asset Management

A sleek, easy to use interface that conveniently stores all marketing materials for future use

Marketing Asset Management allows for storing, accessing and easily locating all content, imagery, videos and files for use in multi-channel campaigns. Its powerful content management features enable the effective optimization and distribution of content, alleviating one of the most significant pain points for many organizations. It is a key component of our permission basis, strengthening Centralized Marketing Control. Its easy to use interface and collateral organization features drive significant cost savings.

Features that make Marketing Asset Management easy:

Supports All Collateral & Template Types
Any type of content can be stored in the marketing asset management module for current & future use. Eliminates lengthy searches for collateral, saving time and money.
Sleek, Easy-To-Use Interface
Once an asset has been created, it is uploaded into the system. Then, user access parameters & customization layers are set. It is ready for use. It is really easy to upload large amounts of content. All you need to do is drag & drop! When a user selects an asset to customize, they are prompted with a very easy to use menu that empowers them to dynamically replace images, customize text, select pre-approved copy blocks, and more.
Powerful Search & Tagging Features
Easily locate materials through a variety of criteria and filters.
Global Content Management
With a simple click, administrators can upload and modify corporate approved assets & content throughout the entire enterprise. Manage collateral expiration dates for images, files, videos, content, and more.
Approval Routing
The ability to control, manage and route customized content, collateral and campaigns through designated approval workflows to ensure brand and regulatory compliance.
Integrated E-Commerce Storefront
The most complete print specific e-store application on the market today. Users simply visit the Storefront, locate relevant materials, customize print materials as required and then add those materials to their shopping cart. Once ready, then checkout through an easy ordering process. Collateral can be downloaded as a PDF, posted to a website or a microsite, sent out via email, or inserted into an interactive multimedia presentation.
Multi-Channel Content Distribution
Effectively distribute, optimize, and manage content across a variety of online and offline marketing channels.

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