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Cisco Learning Services

Cisco Learning Services provides technology training that meets the needs of your business.

We work alongside Cisco engineers to develop classes aligned with engineering best practices. From hands-on, instructor-led training to streaming, on-demand learning, we have solutions that fit your schedule and learning preference.

What we offer:

Live Training
Technology Training Classes

Cisco Learning Services offers training to help you leverage the full capabilities of the products you use daily.

Our curriculum consists of nine technology suites. Training in leading-edge Cisco technologies and platforms, provides you with the information and tools needed to optimize your business’s network investment. The nine suites are listed below.

Cloud and OpenStack
Students will receive hands-on training to implement and operate custom Cisco Cloud solutions faster and more reliably.

In this suite of instructor-led classes students learn how to integrate Cisco Collaboration technology into their daily work lives.

Data Center
Students practice building virtualized, cloud-based data centers in these hands-on, solution-based courses.

Network Management
Students learn the fundamental concepts on which servers are based to help them understand how to troubleshoot problems relating to installation, configuration, and other issues.

Optical Networking
These Industry-leading courses highlight applications and implementations supported by the Cisco ONS 15454 and Cisco Network Convergence System 2000 Series.

This thorough, hands-on, and relevant training experience places students in the forefront of a high-demand area.

Service Provider Mobility
Courses focus on configuration, administration, troubleshooting, deep-packet inspection, traffic analytics, and more.

Service Provider Routing
These offerings train students on all the major routing and Metro Ethernet features and technologies found in today’s next-generation networks.

Service Provider Video
Students learn how to manage, configure, troubleshoot, and provide services for Cisco video solutions.

Hands-on lab experience with Cisco equipment, offered in-person or remotely.

On-Demand Training
Cisco Training on Demand

Cisco Training on Demand provides you with a proven, cost-effective alternative to instructor-led training via a comprehensive library of high-definition video lectures available on a 12-month subscription basis.

Each license provides 24/7 access to a growing library of world-class technical courses ranging from product training and troubleshooting to certification training. Each course includes a robust lab environment, which you have unlimited access to for the duration of your subscription.



  • Anytime, anywhere access on any device
  • Professional HD (780p or greater) video lessons
  • Searchable, integrated transcripts with on/off
  • Progress tracking so you can close the lesson on your desktop and start the lesson on your mobile device
  • Printable student materials (labs guides, PowerPoints, exercises)
  • Continuously reinforce learning objectives with hands-on, 24-7 access

Remote hands-on labs:

  • Intuitive user interface with multimedia-, video-, or html-based worksheets
  • Different levels of integrated self-help


Stream training sessions and interactive labs directly to your desktop or tablet.

Performance Support
Cisco Technical Education

Cisco Technical Education is an online e-learning portal that provides your network staff access to a variety of technical training modules. Including the same break-fix and new product introduction training used to train Cisco's internal technical support engineers, Cisco Technical Education offers over 14,000 training modules with content added weekly.

Cisco Technical Education benefits customers by:

  • Providing content coverage over a broad spectrum of Cisco platforms and technologies
  • Removing the need for travel and take time off work
  • On-demand, year-round access to training
  • Customer administration features such as monitoring student progress
  • Online access to Cisco equipment to perform self-directed, hands-on lab practice

Technology Package

Access to Cisco Technical Education is available on an annual subscription basis. Developed to meet the needs of customers who are unable to travel or take extensive time out of a busy work schedule, Cisco Technical Education provides just-in-time training with each module typically being no more than 20 minutes in length.

The technical training content within Cisco Technical Education has been organized into technology packages. This enables you to select one or more packages that best fits your staff's needs or choose the All Access Pass, which includes access to all training modules.

Improve operational maintenance and troubleshooting with a constantly growing database of over 14,000 specialized modules.

Consulting Services
Curriculum Planning Services

Curriculum Planning is a consultative service. A curriculum planner works with a customer to identify staff learning needs by Cisco technology and customer job function. Deliverables include job task analysis, needs assessment, and a curriculum report.

Formal training is delivered through extensive sessions led by Cisco experts that include in-depth, hands-on lab exercises. Learn about specific trainings offered by Cisco Learning Services using the left-hand navigation.

Build an employee talent-development roadmap aligned to your business and IT strategies.

Modeling Labs
Cisco Modeling Labs

Perform Risk-Free Network Analyses

Design, build, visualize, and launch virtual network simulations quickly and efficiently. With Cisco Modeling Labs, you can validate network changes. Modeling Labs acts as a testbed for applications that work with the network. With a simple point-and-click interface, users can design or import a network topology and turn it into a virtual network in minutes.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Modeling Labs is a scalable and extensible software platform for designing, simulating, and testing network models. The innovative platform uses advanced virtualization technology, such as OpenStack, for simulations. It then combines that technology with the technology of Cisco IOSv (virtual) Software, which is compliant for running on virtual machines. Cisco Modeling Labs is an ideal solution for conducting predeployment network testing.

Valuable Benefits
Network engineers with minimum-to-intermediate networking knowledge can take advantage of many benefits using Cisco Modeling Labs Corporate Edition, which include:

  • On-premise application
  • Point-and-click design and simulation
  • Configuration generation and protocol visualization
  • Virtual Cisco IOSv Software for router simulation
  • Capacity Calculator (XLSX - 15.2 KB )Microsoft Excel document

Typical use cases include:

  • Design and simulation of network changes
  • Pretesting network updates prior to physical deployment
  • Test bedding for application and device network interfacings
  • Simulation of production networks and troubleshooting in a simulated network
  • Internal operator practice with a virtual network

Specifications at a Glance

Disk Space250 GB
ChipsetIntel with Intel virtualization technology VT-x and extended page tables (EPT)
HypervisorVMware ESXi 5.1 U2, ESXi 5.5 U1, ESXi 6.0 (Build 2494585)
Server type for OVA PackageAny server with Intel with Intel virtualization technology VT-x and extended page tables (EPT)
Server Type for ISO PackageOnly supported on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) servers with local storage. Recommended servers are Cisco UCS C220 M4 and C420 M4.

Number of cores and Memory requirements:

The calculation for the number of cores and memory requirement is dependent on a number of factors:

  • the type and number of virtual machines concurrently active
  • the number of routing protocols
  • timers sets within the configurations
  • the amount of traffic generated
  • In order to size the Cisco Modeling Lab Server resources, you must use the Cisco Modeling Labs Capacity Calculator (XLSX - 15.2 KB )Microsoft Excel document

Design, simulate, and test network models in a risk-free environment.

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