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William Ho has been at Cisco over 6 years, helping customers evolve and adapt in the ever-changing technology landscape. Learn how William walks alongside our customers to address your challenges.

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Meet the Expert: William Ho

- April 19, 2016 - 2 Comments


“Technology must be like oxygen: ubiquitous, necessary and invisible.”

– Chris Lehmann

Most companies view technology this way. Crucial to survival, technology powers growth and enables people to do great things. Getting to a place where technology is ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible is no easy feat. Obviously, it requires great technology. But, technology alone can’t solve problems or achieve amazing things.

Organizations need to bridge the gap between having great technology and using that technology in great ways. I help turn technology into outcomes you can care about.

I’m currently helping this bank think through using real time communication tools to help customers, removing the need to pick up the phone at all. These real time communication tools help improve other the overall banking experience, allowing the bank to move faster to approve loans and serve customers.

It’s easy to notice technology when it lets us to do amazing things, but technology becomes that much more noticeable when something goes wrong. I advised a large retailer to help ensure uptime within their distribution centers. For this specific retailer, if the technology failed in one distribution center they’d lose $500,000 in net profit every hour it was down. You could see why making sure they have technology that works was important to them.

I experienced the ubiquity of technology first hand when I travelled abroad to help advise companies in Europe. Traveling between offices meant my office (and the tools I needed to do my job) couldn’t be constrained between four walls. As I rode the train, my calls, meetings, and communication followed me.

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Security Advisory Services

Our experts align risk, compliance, security, and threat management with your business goals.


Security Strategies that Match the Pace of Your Business

To secure the connections among people, processes, data, and things, security needs to be as pervasive as the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Cisco Security Advisory Services’ strategic and technical advisors help you identify opportunities to:

  • Align security to business imperatives
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Capture business value from emerging technologies

We start by listening to your challenges and goals. Then we collaborate with you to develop proven governance frameworks and strategies for:

  • Robust risk and compliance management
  • Innovative approaches to IoE security
  • Unparalleled threat management

Bridge the Gap Between IT and the Boardroom

Through our partnership, you can uncover new ways to think about securing your business as you take advantage of an array of emerging business models. Whether mobile, cloud, IoE, or the next wave of innovation, we can help you more securely increase adoption.

World Class Expertise

Members of the Cisco Advisory team have served as trusted business advisors, cyber security leaders, and technical experts in a wide range of roles. Together we use our vast experience in cyber security, risk management, and technical innovation to help our clients across every industry advance their business objectives.

Mature Methodologies

Cisco projects are well-structured and managed, yet can be highly customized. Our proven service methodologies and technical frameworks provide the foundation to promote alignment with industry standards and your specific business objectives. Our workflow platform, Advisory Accelerator, can enable methodological rigor, facilitate efficient report generation, and support consultant collaboration.

Advanced Research

The Cisco Advisory team has conducted a large number of IoE device assessments and this continues to be a core focus of our research agenda. Whether medical devices, consumer technologies, or other IoE applications, our access to threat intelligence combined with leading research allows us to help secure your transformation initiatives.

Advisory Services Portfolio

  • Risk and Compliance

    Manage your risk profile, and promote better regulatory and internal compliance.

  • Internet-of-Everything Security

    Secure the connectivity across the Internet of Everything.

  • Threat Management

    Get emerging strategies to detect advanced-day attacks and effective incident readiness strategies to reduce the impact.

Additional Resources

Articles and White Papers

Risk and Compliance
Security Advisory Services for Risk and Compliance

Understand Your Security Risks and Manage Compliance

As security becomes more complex, having a robust risk and compliance management program is essential.

Cisco Security Advisory Services can help you understand the risk profile of your organization, and whether it aligns to your risk tolerance. We assess risks internal to your operations, as well as those from third parties, and help you learn how to manage rigorous compliance requirements. With this knowledge, you can make more effective risk decisions about how you connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Protect Critical Assets

The Cisco Security Segmentation Service provides a strategic infrastructure segmentation approach starting from your business objectives. This approach allows your organization to manage risk, simplify your audit profile, and protect data and applications in today’s hyper-connected and complex environment. Learn More

Our Information Security Assessment Services help you maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical business assets. We identify and assess IT risks based on compliance drivers, business context, and security requirements.

Manage Risks of Connected Business

Our Third-Party Risk Management Services provide assurance that third-party relationships do not expose you to unacceptable levels of risk. Our proven methodologies help you understand and manage third-party risk throughout the entire relationship lifecycle so you can engage with the most risk-appropriate organizations.

Promote Compliance

Cisco’s Regulatory and Internal Compliance Services help you understand your information technology and operational controls in relation to various regulatory and industry requirements. Whether PCI, HIPAA, or other regulatory frameworks, we can help align controls across multiple standards in an efficient manner to reduce audit fatigue and improve your compliance posture.

Internet-of-Everything Security
Security Advisory Services for the Internet of Everything

Safeguarding the New Digital World

Security Advisory Services support your digital transformation. Take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) while managing risk.

Organizations are capitalizing on opportunities brought about by innovative mobile, cloud, data, and IoT technologies. In today’s digital economy, security is the foundation for agility, innovation, and growth.

Secure Your Digital Transformation

Examine your organization’s core security fundamentals with Security Services for Digital Transformation. A team of security experts will help you assess your readiness to adopt digitization technologies. They’ll look at your organization’s goals. Then they ‘ll work with you to design and implement a digitization strategy that is:

  • Customized with built-in security
  • Optimized for your industry
  • Aligned with your organization’s appetite for risk

We can help you move quickly and, most importantly, securely from traditional to digital and beyond.

Align Your Security Strategy to Emerging Business Models

Our Cloud, Mobile, and IoT Security Services help you take advantage of cloud and mobile technologies to evolve your business strategy safely. These new technologies come with new threats, vulnerabilities, and security considerations that must be managed as business risks. We help you understand, prioritize, and mitigate risks in order to make the most of your investments.

Develop Applications More Securely

Our Application Design and Assessment Services provide a comprehensive approach for understanding risk exposure. They focus on application security from the early design stages through production deployment. Our experts have extensive experience securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices. We can evaluate your entire operation, from point-in-time assessments for targeted applications to a full analysis of your development process.

Maintain a Highly Secure Network

Use our Network Design and Penetration Assessment Services to:

  • Understand the true boundaries of the extended enterprise, including risks to your critical assets
  • Promote comprehensive infrastructure security
  • Confirm that your existing network and endpoint controls meet industry and company standards

Our experts can analyze and test your network security through penetration testing, physical security, social engineering, and phishing. We can also conduct a full Cisco Red Team attack scenario. We then provide a point-in-time review of how well your security environment is operating.

Threat Management
Security Advisory Services for Threat Management

If you are currently experiencing an incident, please contact us at 1-877-941-3000. Line is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year and available globally.

Unparalleled Threat Management

Cisco Incident Response services provide the expertise to prepare and respond quickly to incidents in your environment. Using Cisco Security technology such as AMP, OpenDNS, StealthWatch and FirePower, and direct access to Talos research, our services provide high visibility, a quicker response time and a broader understanding of threats in the network.

Emergency Incident Response

If your organization is experiencing a cybersecurity incident, such as a breach of confidential data or ransomware, our incident response team can help. We mobilize quickly to help you respond to the incident. We'll address immediate concerns, build a plan to identify the attacker, scope and contain the situation, identify root cause, and design short term and longer term strategies to address underlying issues. Read more about Emergency Incident Response.

Incident Response Retainer

Our Incident Response Retainer is an extremely flexible option that helps organizations strengthen their response capabilities and provides quick access to incident responders in the event of an incident. An incident response retainer has defined set of experts and response times to ensure your situation is quickly assessed and managed. Read more about Cisco Incident Response and Retainer services.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Don't wait for an incident to occur to take action: identify vulnerabilities before your organization is impacted. We will work with you to design a custom threat hunting plan. We'll identify coverage and gaps in visibility, deploy any required Cisco technology, assess the environment, analyze findings, and provide a final report of both findings and prioritized recommendations. Our team can also lead or assist in responding to the findings during the course of the compromise assessment. Read more about Cisco Proactive Threat Hunting services.



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