Health and Human Services

Outsourced Health Care Services

Rise and shine with exceptional, cost effective service

You'll be hard pressed to find an environment more challenging than the healthcare industry. No matter what area you’re in, all eyes are on your organization, watching with ever-increasing expectations for adaptability, quality service and cost containment. LiveOps can help you achieve all three.

With our scalable community of over 20,000 independent at-home agents, many whom are HIPAA certified, you can maintain the right amount of call coverage so your customers are quickly, efficiently and superiorly served. That’s because our home-based workforce can be easily scaled up or down, depending on changes in demand, so you pay only for the people you need.

But we’re more than about flexing our virtual workforce for the right amount of people. We’re equally committed to providing the right kind of people – those who have the specific healthcare skills and are genuinely passionate about serving your customer. Our agents are HIPAA certified, and come to LiveOps with deep experience in health and human services.

Whether you’re Big Pharma, medical supplies or human services, your customers will hear what we call the “voice of the angel,” as dedicated agents deliver an engaging, compassionate and helpful experience – always reassuring callers they’ve made the right decision to work with you.

What’s more, with our cloud-based variable workforce model, you only pay for productive talk time – never for idle time – saving you up to 20% on the cost of traditional in-house or brick and mortar contact centers. With LiveOps, plan on doing what you might think is impossible: Increase your customer satisfaction, retention and acquisition – all while containing costs.

Health and Human Services Calls

Our mission, every day, is to optimize your patient or member experience. How do we do that? We source better agents, more of them, and disseminate program education in a format far more efficient than the antiquated classroom. LiveOps provides specialized agents to support the following healthcare sectors:

  • Health plans and payers in the commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid sectors.

  • Functional areas supported include: Sales and member services, billing and enrollment, provider services and enrollment, claims adjusting, recoveries, appeals, and medical review.

  • Services such as: Nurse advice, care navigation, member engagement, post-discharge support, care advocacy, and pharmaceutical support, are provided 24/7 via multiple communication channels.

  • Human services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical supplies
  • Payor services
Key services include
  • Medical reminder calls
  • Member enrollment and inquiries
  • Customer service: billing and claims
  • Member retention
  • Patient engagement