Adaptive Network Security

Advanced Network Security Services with Threat Intelligence


Your business may be under attack. Security threats can happen at any time, bringing your network to a standstill. You can’t afford to let that happen.

Level 3 is dedicated to providing you with 24 x 7 business continuity. Thanks to the size and sophistication of our global network, we have access to a massive amount of security threat data, enabling us to help protect you from attacks before they affect your business. And we do it while avoiding unnecessary complexity and cost.

Adaptive Network Security Products

Secure Access Services
Secure Access Services

Level 3SM Secure Access

Keep Your Data Safe. No Matter Where It Travels. 

As your business grows, so do your security headaches. Especially now that workers, customers, vendors and partners want to access your network from anywhere, on any device.

How do you let the good guys in and keep the bad guys out? Level 3 Secure Access management experts assess your remote and mobile needs, and then set you up with a tailor-made solution. The good guys get the access they need—and you get peace of mind.

Why Level 3 Secure Access Management

Helping provide secure network access is what we do, every day, all over the world. We’ve built our reputation on it and we’re ready to put our expertise to work for your business.

We extend the security policies of your core network to every end user — without running up costs. We help you build user profiles and a firewall. And we can give you an easy, secure path to your critical data wherever it lives.

Secure access management can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Make it simple, with Level 3.

Level 3 Secure Access Services Benefits

  • Lower costs. Secure site access eliminates the need for all sites to be on the IP VPN, helping reduce expenses.
  • True BYOD. Securely manage remote connectivity in a “bring your own device” environment.
  • Global Presence. With gateways on four continents, users can rely on low latency and jitter, regardless of where they are.

Level 3 Secure Access Services Details

  • Mobility option. Enhance access management with SSL VPN capabilities. Keep remote users productive on the road with secure access to data via laptops, tablets and/or smartphones.
  • Site option. Help maintain secure business operations and keep data unmodified and intruders at bay with VPN access for small offices.
  • Cellular option: Provide secure 3G/4G LTE cellular connectivity for small, remote sites. Use as a backup in the event of a primary VPN connectivity failure.


Threat Research Labs
Threat Research Labs

Level 3SM Threat Research Labs

Cut Through the Noise. Get Actionable Threat Intelligence.

Confused about what data you need to defend your business?  Level 3 Threat Research Labs monitors communications between bad guys and victims. Predict risks, detect attacks and track zero-day exploits using the same data Level 3 security experts use to defend our infrastructure and customers.

Why Level 3 Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our Expansive View Is Your Advantage
Thanks to our global footprint, Level 3 Communications can monitor large quantities of Internet traffic for malicious activity. Let us help you identify threat communications before they infiltrate your data, systems and network.

Threat Impact Reporting
Gain insights on Botnet behavior, DDoS attack patterns and other vulnerabilities. Research geographic trends, review victim and successful attacker profiles, and discover why tracking two-way communications is critical for mitigating evolving cyberthreats.

Level 3 Threat Intelligence Benefits

  • Understand where threats originate. By monitoring ~1,000 known command and control servers plus malware and phishing domains, we can better mitigate attacks on your infrastructure.
  • Track traffic. Abnormal spikes in traffic are a leading indicator of cyberthreats. Our threat intelligence can help identify anomalous traffic.
  • Defend social engineering. Our research group has placed a strong focus on intelligent, role-based targeted attacks.
  • Not a Level 3 Customer? No problem. You do not need to be a Level 3 network customer to benefit from our threat reporting. Level 3 Threat Research Labs is chartered to protect all internet users.
Network Protection
Network Protection

Level 3SM Network Protection

Rapid Internet Defense.

When volumetric attacks on your network arise, you must move quickly. Each minute of downtime can decrease productivity and directly impact your bottom line. 

Turn up Level 3 Network Protection to help minimize your business risk. It provides a multi-layered defense strategy with network-based security controls to help defend against attacks.

Why Level 3 Network Protection Services

Customizable Network Protection for Your Business and Budget.
Help secure your Internet connections with layers of defense via enhanced network routing, rate limiting and filtering. You can pair these services with our advanced network-based detection and mitigation scrubbing center solutions.

Protect, detect and mitigate. Our flexible Network Protection managed service can streamline the threat mitigation process and keep your network business-ready.

Level 3 Network Protection Service Benefits

  • Easily implement. Quickly deploy network controls to stop threats.
  • Rest easier. Worry less and work more with permanent defense controls on your network.
  • Leverage our Threat Intelligence. Benefit from our security operations team’s extensive visibility into attack traffic and advanced threats obtained through Level 3’s global IP, Content Delivery and DNS networks.

Level 3 Network Protection Service Details

Level 3SM Network Protection service applies network-based controls for volumetric attack mitigation on a permanent basis. Protect your Internet ports with tools such as:

  • Null routes, rate limiters
  • Permanent ACLs
  • Firewall filters upstream
  • Customer or Level 3-specified filters

For a more advanced mitigation solution, we combine these tools with a fully managed, network-based scrubbing option, Level 3 DDoS Mitigation Service.

Adaptive Threat Intelligence
Adaptive Threat Intelligence

Level 3SM Adaptive Threat Intelligence Service

See More. Stop More.

Cyber attacks transform, continuously growing in complexity and volume. Using outdated threat tracking techniques can bury you in raw information, without the resources to act on it. Finding the expertise, budget and time to manage large amounts of data can be beyond difficult. 

A Simple Answer to a Big Cyber Problem
Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence can be your solution to a demanding threat landscape. Don’t waste time determining what you need to act on or identifying cyber-attack patterns. We do that for you. Access actionable threat data that is correlated and prioritized. React rapidly with a data driven plan and support from Level 3’s expert security staff.

Why Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence

Threat Correlation that Cuts Costs
Upgrading your security systems – especially threat intelligence technologies – can be costly and strain your in-house resources. For many businesses, a managed service like Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence just makes sense. Security event and incident management (SEIM) integration eliminates the need for technology deployment and maintenance, without sacrificing performance. We also provide an easy to use portal with reporting, alerts, and metrics included.

Auto-Prioritized Threat Intelligence
Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence leverages our Threat Research Labs service, which provides sophisticated, global threat analytics and tracks two-way communications to identify attack patterns. It then automatically correlates and analyzes the threat data and prioritizes it for you. This allows you to act on a data-driven, cyber-threat plan in near real-time. Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence: See More. Stop MoreSM. Get Ahead.

Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence Service Details

  • Your traffic is monitored as it passes through the Level 3 infrastructure.
  • We correlate your traffic against known malicious communication utilizing Level 3 proprietary analysis and threat data.
  • Results are fed into your SIEM system or an easy to use portal.
  • You receive near real-time, customizable alerting for high-risk events.
  • You can access near real-time, portal-based or SIEM reporting, as well as analytics capabilities utilizing event data.

Level 3 Threat Intelligence Service Benefits

  • No expensive on-site equipment or installation
  • No long development cycles or difficult integration
  • Threat correlation provided by Level 3
  • 24/7 security expert support, saving the challenge and expense of hiring your own
  • Streamlined, actionable data means less time investigating, and more time acting against threats
Professional Security Services
Professional Security Services

Level 3SM Professional Security Services

Maximize Security. Minimize Risk. 

Hacks. Denial of service attacks. Viruses. Social engineering. Cloud services. Remote access.

What do they all have in common? Serious security concerns.

You may already have security solutions in place, but are they strong enough? Leverage Level 3 Professional Security Services to create a customized security strategy to help fend off attacks and vulnerabilities.


Today’s security concerns are simply too complex and dynamic to manage without a dedicated team of specialists.

Level 3 Communications can build the right security plan for your business based on our experience managing varied networks, global customer views and industry best practices. Put it all together and you have a network with a solid security solution that helps enable your business to operate safely, efficiently and economically.

Level 3 Professional Security Services Benefits

  • Real talk. An unbiased, third-party assessment of vulnerabilities in your existing security solution.
  • Real plan. A clear roadmap to a secure network with an action plan across various frameworks.
  • Real results. A smart, safe network. Quick ROI. Backed by our proven security professionals.

Level 3 Professional Security Services Details

  • Identify weak links with penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.
  • Define your security strategy. Map security policy to critical applications, corporate culture, staff, processes and technologies.
  • Augment your security blueprint to include a recommended plan, set of priorities and expected ROI.
  • Measure results and value creation.
  • Rely on a trusted security advisor alongside you every step of the way.
Adaptive Network Security
Adaptive Network Security

Level 3® Adaptive Network Security

Lock Down Your Network. Protect Your Employees. Secure Your Assets.

Your mobile workforce, connected partners and BYOD policies expand your network-security perimeter and increase your cyber risk.

Patchwork Protection Problems

Implementing an ad-hoc security solution creates points of vulnerability while the lack of security personnel compounds the problem.

Eliminate the Weak Links with Security Service Chaining

Level 3 Adaptive Network Security is a flexible, multi-layered, network-based security service delivered via the cloud. It fuses a wide range of advanced network security services with threat intelligence to eliminate weak links in your chain of defense.


Layered Network Security Functions
Adaptive Network Security delivers cost-effective and reliable protection. It interlocks various network security functions. Allowing you to quickly adapt to new cyber threats without requiring huge investments and new expertise.

Enhanced Visibility and Threat Intelligence
Using the proven Level 3 Network-Based Security approach, you benefit from our enhanced threat intelligence and network visibility. Access the tools you need to monitor, block and report network security threats.

Low Latency
Move protection physically closer to the edge so cyber attacks can be neutralized more efficiently and effectively. Level 3 Adaptive Network Security enables you to secure internet traffic across the Level 3 Network, in hybrid environments and on third-party networks. 

Level 3 Adaptive Network Security. Layer Your Defense. Lock Down Your Network.

Adaptive Network Security Service Benefits

  • Carrier agnostic IP access for holistic defense
  • Efficient multi-service chaining in Level 3 Gateways
  • Global coverage for low latency
  • Fully managed and maintained
  • Backed by Level 3 Threat Intelligence
  • Flexible feature packages and connectivity options
  • Supports hybrid security – cloud and premises-based
  • Level 3 MPLS/ IP VPN and internet services can boost network efficiency and performance

Adaptive Network Secuirty Service Details

  • Intrusion protection service
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam
  • Web content filtering
  • Application awareness and control
  • Anti-malware (sandboxing)
  • Data-loss protection (DLP)
  • Logging and reporting
  • 24/7 Level 3 Security Operations Center support
  • Centralized policy management and visibility in the MyLevel3 customer portal

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