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Polycom Collaborations Around the Planet (CAPspace)


CAPspace is a large scale global directory and professional network of educators for video conferencing project collaboration, with over 14,000 members from 56 countries. Our directory enables educators to connect with peers to globally collaborate thus expanding and enhancing learning.

Polycom Content Searchable Database


Polycom provides a free searchable content database offering educators worldwide access to more than 2000 programs from over 300 different content providers. Partnering with Two-way Interactive Connections in Education (TWICE), the database contains content providers, educational outreach programs from organizations such as zoos, museums, author’s, experts in the field and much more.

Special Events for Educators and Students


Our special events provide FREE curriculum-rich content to Polycom customers to enhance learning and increase student achievement. Events include connections to renowned authors, experts in the field, famous people or places and much more.

Academic and Instructional Training


To help ensure successful implementation and adoption of video conferencing and collaboration, Polycom Academic and Instructional Training Professional Services are designed to fit your administrative, instructional, or other needs. Our training will give you the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to incorporate video conferencing technology successfully across your organization.

Public Sector View Education


Join in online conversations with Polycom’s Education Team and fellow educators through the Polycom Education Community, a newly launched external site that promotes the exchange of ideas in an informal environment. The community can also be used to share best practices, lessons learned, and pedagogical approaches or seek help.

Read Around the Planet (RAP)

Read Around the Planet, an outgrowth of the U.S. National Education Association (NEA) Read Across America program, is a global celebration of reading using video conference technology. Combined with World Book Day, RAP is designed to promote reading and opportunities for classroom video conference collaborations. Polycom provides the funding to support TWICE who manages the program including registration, the classroom partner matching service and support documentation. Tied to Dr. Suess’ birthday, RAP registration opens around September with events occurring in February and March. RAP is open to primary, elementary and secondary education institutions.

Grant Assistance


Find funding to implement video conferencing and voice conferencing solutions.


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