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Complete, Integrated Cloud

  • Oracle Cloud is the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud. It offers best-in-class services across software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and even lets you put Oracle Cloud in your own data center. Oracle Cloud helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.

Private Cloud

Build Your Cloud With Best-of-Breed Products

  • Oracle provides a complete portfolio of platform and infrastructure offerings for organizations needing a dedicated, internal private cloud. Enterprise IT departments can drive innovation by becoming agile, cost-efficient cloud service providers to their own organizations. This new approach enables IT to reduce day-to-day technology administration, and focus on providing strategic value to the business.

Managed Cloud

Your Applications, Managed in the Cloud

  • Oracle delivers dedicated managed cloud services across its broad portfolio of business applications, middleware, database, and hardware. Oracle Managed Cloud Services are complete, secure, and customized to fit your specific cloud vision. Let Oracle Managed Cloud Services be your company’s on-ramp to the cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

The simple definition: It’s a style of computing based on shared, elastic resources delivered to users in a self-service, metered manner using web technologies. Yet, if you ask five people “what is cloud computing?” you can expect five different answers. Why? Because what matters to them is not what cloud computing is, but what it does for them.

To fully understand cloud computing across an enterprise, you need to understand the different functional benefits driving cloud’s popularity. Let’s look at cloud through the lens of different roles in an enterprise, and then think about how to craft a cohesive cloud strategy that works for everyone in the enterprise. Let’s start with these important roles

Why Do You Need Modern Best Practice?

Increase business agility. Achieve more, faster, and with less resources. With the following key enablers: the cloud, mobile, social, analytics, the internet of things, and big data, you can transform your business for the future.

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