Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Understand customers better

What Connected Mobile Experiences does

Analyze visitor behavior on siteAnalyze visitor behavior on site

Improve people’s experience by understanding what they’re doing at your venue.

Engage on a more personal levelEngage on a more personal level

Use mobile apps to give visitors a better experience with relevant information.

Make guest Wi-Fi access easierMake guest Wi-Fi access easier

Create an easy login portal and onboard guests with our simple templates.

Track assets with easeTrack assets with ease

Locate equipment and people quickly and accurately with CMX and our Hyperlocation Solution.


Guide students around campus. Provide access to resources on smartphones and tablets.


Enhance the guest experience with location-based services. Create a virtual concierge.


Build revenue with relevant context. Send coupons to mobile devices. See which ads work best.

What's inside Connected Mobile Experiences

Network infrastructureNetwork infrastructure

Ensure a great wireless experience with our access points, switches, wireless controllers, and management.

See our Unified Access products

Hyperlocation SolutionHyperlocation Solution

Pinpoint beacons, inventory, and individuals with high accuracy.

Hyperlocation Module | Aironet 3800 Series Access Points

Mobility servicesMobility services

Get and use location data by detecting mobile device signals.

Mobility Services Engine 

Mobility Experience ServicesMobility Experience Services

Our team of experts, together with our partners, can help you plan, deploy, and manage your technology initiatives to achieve your business goals.

Architecture and implementation

Managed on premises

Need flexibility and advanced features? Try this deployment model to control all the elements of your location-based services.

Explore your options

Managed in the cloud

Ready to move to CMX Cloud? It’s simple. Now you can quickly gain insights and create custom captive portals with very little setup

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Already use Cisco Meraki?

The Cisco Meraki solution offers cloud-based presence analytics on Meraki access points. (PDF - 1 MB)

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Keep track of staff and assets

By 2020, more than 30% of enterprises will use indoor location services to help their business.

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We help you make your Wi-Fi more efficient and reliable so you can focus on your customers.
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Wireless Optimization Services

Gain insights

Get real-time location-based analytics about your mobile network and customers. (PDF - 854 KB)

Mobility Insight Services


Take full advantage of your mobility solutions to deliver delightful customer experiences. (PDF - 301 KB)

Mobility Experience Services

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