The smarter, faster, easier, credit card processor.

Connected consumers are ready to make purchases anytime, anywhere. Your business needs to be ready to accept their credit card payments. From helping businesses integrate points-of-sale, to fueling eCommerce transactions, to activating omni-channel retailing, we can help. We are your credit card processor connecting you to all that is possible in merchant services.

At Global CardPay, we truly believe a business has every right to profit more by accepting credit cards and not having to pay highly excessive overcharges. Our Cost Plus Solution, eliminates the excessive fees for mid and non qualified as well as processing fees. We also eliminate the high cost of accepting and processing credit cards by phone or internet.

By researching and understanding each industry, we at Global CardPay, realize not every POS works in every industry. Therefore, having this in mind, we have partnered with superb manufacturers to provide the right POS, and Terminal for business industries with qualified discount rates. This will empower your business to become more profitable, gain more enduring stability, and enormously increase the bottom line of your business.

In-store and online POS solutions.

Just like you, we enable seamless commerce and credit card processing for businesses of all sizes and types. We love to help businesses grow no matter if they are online eCommerce, in-store, or a combination of both. We can provide the payment processing solutions wherever you’re selling. What size fits you?

SMB: In-store payments.

Credit Card Processing, EMV, Mobile - so many POS choices, simple payment processing, Fraud and security protection to save your day. All built on the best experiece in the business.


Online Payments

Following the path by some of today's eCommerce leaders, who once weren't so big. Take the next step to online credit card processing and payments acceptance.


Other Business types

National retailers, financial institutions of all shapes and sizes, and specialty busineses have been working with us. See yourself in another business story.


LEVEL 3 Payment processing solutions

A wide variety of industries enjoy using our platform.

Point of sale

Simple payment processing that allows you to accept payments with or without a card.


Mail & Phone (MOTO)



Cash advance

Hardware Heaven

Every option, unbeatable prices, low monthly payment optoins


The heart and soul of your point-of-sale system.


Hundreds of pre-configured options to choose from.

Pin Pads

Safekeeping that preserves the slim profile of your tablet.

Credit card readers

All shapes and sizes for accepting credit and debit cards.


Print a receipt, or send a ticket to the kitchen.


Goes hand in hand with those printers, stock up!


Routers, cables, barcode scanners, and much more.

POS Equipment

The industry’s most complete resource for POS hardware.

We're more than just payments.

here to support your business. Accelerate your success with our simple, secure payments technology.

Get paid faster.

Our business solutions are designed to fit the unique needs of your growing business with our payments platform will help you manage payments, get paid faster, and accelerate your overall cash flow.

Enhance your business with payment solutions.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments are becoming more commonplace each day, and offers solutions to meet this growing segment. Securely take payments on-the-go through the mobile payment gateway.

Online payments

Accepting EMV® payments is easy with Virtual Terminal—a secure, cloud-based solution that allows you to take payments anywhere, anytime. Add functionality to your business with services that support recurring payments, shopping carts and online donation options.

Security and fraud

Fraud prevention is crucial for today’s businesses. We have partnered with industry leaders to ensure a secure payment experience for your Card Present and Card Not Present customers.

Gift & Loyalty

Increase customer awareness and build revenue-generating programs using our award-winning Gift & Loyalty card solutions. Choose from our library of pre-designed cards or design your own to boost brand loyalty and attract new customers.

Dedicated support

Integrating into your business is a breeze. Our top-rated customer service team is available 24/7 to help guide you and answer your questions.

Many point of sale (POS) choices

Smart, customized point of sale systems that make running your business easier


POS Systems

Mobile Card Reader

Virtual Terminal Plus


Omnichannel commerce payment solutions for enterprise businesses

Friction-free payments, on demand


  • Payment Acceptance
  • International
  • Mobile & Terminals
  • ERP Solutions




Offer Financing to your Customers

Get Your Customers Financed

Our platform has a tailored program for every credit tier. More approvals, increased revenues, 100% paperless, web-based & NO risk...all with one simple application.

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