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Integration of Technology in Education

As a Company, we realize that the preparation of our students to enter the environment of the world of success is our responsibility. We understand that the education system is in place to augment and enhance their success. It is imperative to prepare students of today for the future, to learn and grow with them as our world makes the shift as they are beacons that will ensure our country continues to lead in education and innovations.


Education Center - Products

Reading & Comprehension

Enhance the educational experience Reading & Comprehension Speech Recognition transforms the classroom helps students, and teachers express themselves and most importantly achieve new levels of success.


CTE Computer Science Pathways & K12 Virtual Learning Programs

Technology is the future and embedded in our certification programs. Designed to meet professional development needs of employers seeking advancement for its employees and students the skills to succeed in today’s competitive work environment.


Internship / Apprenticeship Programs

Our programs provide you with a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills through hands-on work experience. Interns are matched with host companies according to their academic background, career objectives, language proficiency, strengths, and other important considerations.



Technology is bringing exciting new multimedia resources to the classroom, including digital curricula, online streaming resources and more. Advanced communications infrastructure is making this possible, providing the high-speed bandwidth to connect classrooms, educators and administrators.


Student-Teacher-Client Experience Interaction

Build an actionable online presence where your students and their parents can interact with your faculty – anytime, anywhere and on any device. Prompt new and returning students and parents to take action online: enrollment and registration, schedule meeting with school staff, school events and more.


Grants & Resources

To help ensure successful implementation and adoption of video conferencing and collaboration, Polycom Academic and Instructional Training Professional Services are designed to fit your administrative, instructional, or other needs.


Connected Safety and Security

Using the network as an open, scalable platform for integrating security provides schools with several benefits, such as operational flexibility, greater protection capabilities, lower cost of ownership, and reduced risk.


Digital Learning and Digital Campus

Digital learning solutions, students can learn anywhere anytime on any device. Educators and students are actively engaged and interacting with one another, empowering learning both in the classroom and after the school day. Classrooms are extended to connect with schools around the world, creating new educational experiences for students and teachers


Digital Transformation in K–12 Schools

Educators and students are actively engaged and interacting with one another, empowering learning both in the classroom and after the school day, creating new educational experiences for students and teachers.


Interactive Classroom

MAKE YOUR SURFACE SMART. Do more than share. Engage, collaborate, and inspire new thinking. Accessible connections and easy maintenance to keep your life simple. The multi-touch is fast, fluid and exciting, whether you're in the classroom or in the boardroom.


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